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Shareholders Agreement

A Shareholders Agreement is a contract negotiated by the shareholders of a company outside the Corporations Act to govern their relationship and business arrangements, detail their rights, responsibilities, obligations and liabilities, and protect their interests, having regard to their particular circumstances. It regulates matters not covered by a company’s constitution and is therefore supplementary to a company’s constitution.


Website Privacy Policy

This Website Privacy Policy states how a website operator will respect the privacy of the users of its website. It is designed to be placed on the website of any individual or company operating a blog, e-commerce site or other type of website.


Website Terms of Use

These Website Use Terms of Use set out the terms under which visitors to your website agree to access the website. Any serious website should have a set of Website Use Terms and Conditions. These Website Use Terms and Conditions give users information about the website content (including how users are permitted to use it or prohibited from using it).


Service Agreement

A Service Agreement is an agreement between a client (usually referred to as the “principal”) and a service entity (usually referred to as the “service provider”).  The service provider agrees to provide a service to the principal for a fee.  The service provider may agree to provide a one-off service for a set fee or continuing services to the principal for a pre-determined length of time for a fee.


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