Looking for an experienced and cost-effective franchise lawyer? Look no further than LegalVision. Our franchise lawyers can assist on all franchise matters! Entering into a franchise agreement is a big decision. It’s vital that you have the franchise agreement and any related disclosure documents reviewed by a lawyer with expertise in the field of franchising.

The LegalVision team includes a number of corporate lawyers with particular expertise and experience in both drafting and reviewing franchise agreements. Each of these lawyers has experience working on franchise related matters for large Australian law firms, meaning they can provide high quality, expert advice.

Whether you are:

  • entering into a franchise agreement;
  • an existing franchisee or franchisor;
  • expanding your business into a franchise; or
  • have a franchise dispute,

work with an experienced franchise lawyer who understands franchise law.

Just leave your details in the form, or give us a call and we will get in touch shortly! 

Our lawyers can review your franchise documentation whether you’re based locally or whether you’re based in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth or any other Australian city or town.

Because each of our franchise lawyers works online, we can provide high-quality services for a very competitive price. By avoiding costly face to face meetings, you only pay your lawyer to complete the relevant work. We use technology such as Skype, as well as telephone calls and emails to keep connected with each client. We can review a franchise agreement in 48 hours if necessary, and our fixed-fee price will not be beaten by any other lawyer with the same level of expertise and training. One of our franchise lawyers would be delighted to assist you!

About our Franchise Lawyers

Franchise lawyers primarily assist in two main tasks; drafting the legal documentation needed to set up a franchise, and reviewing franchise agreements. Drafting the legal documentation to set up a franchise is clearly a significant undertaking, and this can take a franchise lawyer up to a month or so to complete. The process will involve a lengthy consultation with the business owner setting up the franchise, followed by an extensive drafting process where the franchise agreement, disclosure document, and other related documents are drafted. It will usually take the business owner and franchise lawyer a few weeks to finalise the documentation.

Reviewing a franchise agreement and disclosure document on behalf of a franchisee is the second task that franchise lawyers regularly undertake. This process can be completed relatively quickly. Indeed, the LegalVision team of franchise lawyers can complete a review in 48 hours if necessary. The process involves reviewing the documentation to make sure that it does not significantly deviate from the market standard and making sure that the franchisee is aware of all the potential pitfalls of entering into the agreement. Franchising is growing in Australia. If you’re considering setting up or entering into a franchise, make sure you work with a franchising specialist.

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