LegalVision provides a range of legal solutions specifically directed at large corporates, fast-growing businesses and enterprise clients that have a higher volume of legal needs.

Managed Legal Services

Combining the expertise of our legal team with technology and process design

Legal Tech Solutions

Custom legal technology tools to meet the needs of your team

Legal Process Design

Design thinking to help improve processes for legal departments

How it works

Form Expert Team

We build a team consisting of our lawyers, technologists and dedicated process leads to work with you

Integrate Technology

We develop the technology tools to streamline and support your work streams

Redesign Process

We work with your legal team to help improve their value creation and delivery


Our Managed Legal Services offer a high quality, responsive and cost-effective solution to higher-volume activities in your legal department.

The service is transparent and reliable, which frees up your team to focus their efforts on more strategic work.

Use Cases


Retail Sector

A major Australian retail chain was changing one of its legal entities - and needed to enter new contracts across their network.

By managing the entire workflow within our PRISM platform, LegalVision's lawyers could deliver a scalable and consistent solution and the client was able to monitor and track the entire process.

The workflow incorporated essential legal checks, document automation, task management and important notifications, helping our legal team to achieve consistent outcomes with minimal strain on the client's resources.


Franchise Business

A national franchise network needed to rejuvenate its entire process in a transparent and cost-efficient way that reduced the legal risk.

LegalVision took the client's manual spreadsheet and transformed it into a digital, centralised process. At the same time, our franchise lawyers updated legal documentation and communications, taking pressure off the in-house team.

The legal processes for the network are now faster, cheaper and more compliant. Better still, the client has key franchise data at their fingertips rather than buried in filing cabinets and spreadsheets.

Identify Opportunities

We view legal tasks as engineering problems and focus on solving them with the help of technology

Develop Tech

Our technologists and lawyers develop the tools to make your processes work better and faster

Deploy Solution

Our team ensures the solution is rolled out smoothly and your team is supported in the process


Your team can focus on value creation. Repetitive and low-value tasks that used to take up time are now automated and streamlined.

Costs are controlled and lowered while your team's performance is increased, driving more organisational buy-in.

Use Cases



A major Australian bank wanted to improve the manual process of arranging secondments from panel firms. Through a Legal Design Workshop, we collaborated with members of the client's in-house team to develop their ideas.

LegalVision's team of developers then worked with the client to quickly prototype and launch a tool that the client could use for new secondments.

The client then used this tool as a stepping stone for adopting a broader technology solution that could help manage all projects with its external legal providers.


Business Services

The in-house team of an international consultancy business was spending too much time on low-value contracts. They turned to LegalVision to explore a better option than paper checklists and a complex manual process.

We worked with the client to understand how a technology solution could help - including by automating the checklist, enabling live tracking and reporting.

Through automation, the business would rely less on the legal team for routine work. Legal innovation would have a direct impact on revenue, by increasing the speed for finalising new contracts.

Diagnose Issues

Our design team will work with you to diagnose legal process challenges that are impacting your team's productivity

Run Workshop

Through team collaboration and interactive workshops, ideas are formulated and opportunities identified

Iterate Rapidly

Innovative solutions are designed and implemented through rapid iteration with your team


Your legal team solves real needs for the business with effective processes.

Your team is empowered to improve processes and equipped to move forward.

Use Cases


Delegation of Authority

An international manufacturer wanted to improve speed to market through their contracting processes.

Our Legal Design Workshop helped uncover an important hurdle: the client's delegation of authority process was too manual and too complex. This challenge is shared by almost every large business.

LegalVision worked with the client to prototype a tool that enables people in the business to identify the correct approver by answering a series of simple questions on their computer. The tool increased the understanding, transparency and consistency of the client's delegation of authority processes - and, more importantly, enabled the business to seek the right approvals more quickly.


Lease Negotiation

A large retailer was frustrated that the legal processes for its retail leases were inconsistent.

Our Legal Design Workshop helped identify that property managers were making subjective judgment calls of what was acceptable when negotiating clause amendments.

LegalVision worked with the team to produce a negotiation playbook with standardised default positions and an easy-to-use digital interface.

Businesses We've Helped Transform

Caltex Canva Copyright Agency Justcuts Reckon Westpac Woolworths

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