The LegalVision Subcontractor Agreement template sets out:

  • the terms of the subcontractor relationship;
  • the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the subcontractor and contractor; and
  • business processes such as payment, fees and invoicing.

This subcontractor agreement template is drafted to protect the interests of the contractor and is intended to set out a description of the services and the commercial terms (e.g. price and payment method) at which the subcontractor will be engaged. It is recommended that the subcontractor’s agreement is entered prior to the engagement. This subcontractors agreement also includes the purchase of goods from the subcontractor that may be ancillary to the provision of the services.

The document is 8 pages long and contains 11 sections and 1 schedule.

If your subcontractor relationship is more complex, then it’s important that you have a lawyer assist you to draft the following clauses:

  • an unpaid invoices collection clause;
  • a confidentiality clause;
  • the ability for the subcontractor to be paid on commission;
  • a subcontracting clause allowing the contractor to restrict the ability of the subcontractor to subcontract the services;
  • a sophisticated dispute resolution clause;
  • a sophisticated workplace health and safety clause;
  • a non-compete clause;
  • a provision to protect your intellectual property and to allow the subcontractor to use it if required; and
  • additional provisions in related to the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the subcontractor and contractor, particularly if an agreement has been reached on particular issues.

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