Are you looking to start your own tiling business, or expand your already existing tiling business? If so, it is vital that you consider the legal considerations around entering into a commercial lease. When you think about the core components of your business, it is doubtful that the term ‘commercial lease’ enters your thinking. However, when you think about it, commercial leases quite literally form the foundation upon which your business may operate. It is very difficult to run a business that does not have an interest in any land at all. Where will you put your material, or products? Where will your customers be able to find you? Without a legally sound commercial lease, the running of your tiling business becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible.

How can I avoid trouble with my commercial lease?

In order to avoid becoming a business without a store, and having material without any place to put it, you need to consider a number of legal considerations associated with commercial leases. Firstly, you should ensure that the property for which you want to obtain a lease, is designated for the correct purpose. There is no point signing a lease for your main store, if it is not designated as a retail property. Conversely, you don’t want to obtain a lease for a retail property, if you have no intention of selling anything within it. Such situations can be avoided by paying close attention to the lease contract, and altering any inconsistencies between the contract and your wishes.

Another issue that can effect a growing business is the commercial property not being zoned for what you intend. This is similar to the issue above, however, it involves the property owner deceiving you either intentionally or unintentionally. This happens more than you would think, due to miscommunication between business and property owners, and results in frustrating and sometimes ruinous situations for both parties. The way to avoid this issue is to conduct searches on land and property databases in order to ensure that the property and the contract match the use stated in the contract.

Do I require legal help to prevent negative legal implications from a commercial lease?

The short answer is yes, unfortunately you do. However, when you think about it, it is a bit of a no-brainer. This is the entire future of your business, and one of the most fundamental contracts you will sign on behalf of your business, therefore, you should ensure that legally, you are completely protected. This does not mean that you need to place yourself in the hands of a legal professional, as it is ultimately the needs of your tiling business that will be reflected in the commercial lease. You will still be required to determine the duration of the lease, and how much you are willing to pay for the lease. What a legal professional will help you with, is performing those searches mentioned above, determining whether the use of the property stated in the lease is reflective of the purpose you require it for, and protecting you from any unusual clauses that may be detrimental to your business in the long run.

Professional legal advice for your tiling business provides both you and your employees with peace of mind, which will then allow you to focus upon what you do best, tiling. If you would like to see how a legal professional can help your tiling business with commercial leases, please click here.


Commercial leases form the bedrock upon which you can ensure the security and stability of your business. Through avoiding the legal pitfalls inherent to commercial leases, you can focus on the running of your business, and often get a leg up on your competition. However, it is important that you receive the advice from a commercial leasing lawyer in order to ensure that you have not missed anything. If you have any further questions concerning how a legal professional can help your tiling business, feel free to call LegalVision for a fixed-fee quote.

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