Businesses face an uphill battle to create amazing content that is not lost in the growing online black hole. After working in a social media-marketing agency for two years in New York City, Social Playground Founder and CEO, Annabelle Smith, returned to Sydney with a solution.

Social Playground is an experimental marketing agency that has reinvented photobooths to create brand awareness through real-time digital experiences at events around Australia and the world.

The Instagram Printer, Social Playground’s best-selling product, allows event attendees to upload their photos with the event hashtag. This encourages users to share content and promote awareness of the client’s brand. Annabelle believes “it’s customised content for the client’s brand that tells their story.”

Social Playground launched in 2013. Today, the startup boasts clients such as Facebook, ASOS and Topshop and has expanded its family to 48 team members.

What Challenges Did Social Playground Face?

Before she launched her product, Annabelle spent most of her time – like many business owners – focusing on developing her product. This meant she hadn’t given much thought to putting in place the necessary legal protections – such as complying with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). When Instagram required her to provide a particularly rigorous Privacy Policy, Annabelle needed affordable, effective legal advice that would not delay her product launch.

How Did LegalVision Help?

Annabelle contacted LegalVision and received an affordable, fixed fee quote. “The fixed pricing was a big draw card,” said Annabelle. After a brief consultation with LegalVision’s Client Care team, Annabelle received her bespoke Privacy Policy in less than 24 hours.

“It was great to talk through the business’ problems with someone else.” LegalVision’s Client Care and Legal teams prioritised clear communication ensuring Annabelle understood and was comfortable with the process. Annabelle said that the document covered everything she needed and was perfect the first time.

What Does the Future Hold for Social Playground?

Social Playground has expanded internationally, adding 15 licensed partners. Annabelle intends to work on more custom products with clients who approach Social Playground with a brief, and Social Playground brings that brief to life. Although the business has evolved in terms of its product offering, its objective remains the same – to drive clients’ brand awareness on social media.

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