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Deciding where in Australia to base your startup will come down to a few different factors. The likely choice would be between Australia’s two largest cities — Sydney or Melbourne.

Sydney has the largest startup ecosystem in Australia, but other state and territory capitals are quickly catching up.

Where Do Startup Founders Work?

Where Do Startup Founders Work

The majority of Australia’s incubators and accelerators were also born out of Sydney, but many have already expanded to other cities or have plans to do so in the future.

Melbourne consistently comes out on top of its fellow state and territory capitals for quality of life. In 2016, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Melbourne the most liveable city for the sixth consecutive year. Likely contributing to its position, Sydney’s cost of living is higher than that of Melbourne, but property prices in both cities continue to rise.

While the Innovation and Science Agenda is a national program, states are also investing in innovation with various packages and grants available at the state level. Such programs may increase startup participation in the smaller capitals, particularly Brisbane and Adelaide.

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This chapter is an extract from LegalVision’s 10 Things To Know Before You Bring Your Startup to Australia Guide. Download the free 31-page manual which includes information on government incentives, economic trends, geographical considerations, building a team, visas, how to protect your brand and how to set up in Australia.




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