If you’re an interstate or country lawyer running proceedings in the Sydney Courts, you’ll know how important it is to get an experienced and friendly Sydney court agent to appear on your client’s behalf. Someone with good practical knowledge that will communicate with you throughout the process (so you can, in turn, communicate with your client) and someone that knows their way around the various Courts and tribunals of Sydney is essential.

Court Agents in Sydney

At LegalVision, we offer the following to firms or practitioners looking to engage a Sydney agent for an upcoming appearance, motion or return of subpoena:

  1. Flexibility – most of our communication is via phone or email, and we take a slightly different approach than most firms. We understand that, sometimes, instructions change last minute, matters settle, or court appearances can run longer than expected.
  2. Communication – as agents, we know our job is to told what we are told (among other things!), we won’t propose or advocate anything without getting instructions first, and will communicate with you throughout the whole process.
  3. Personnel – we are big enough to have a range of staff, with varying expertise. We won’t send a junior to a contested motion, we get that some things require that bit more experience. Rest assured, however, that all matters, agency or otherwise, are supervised by one of our experienced Principal lawyers.
  4. Reporting – to most clients, a court event is a big deal, and they are usually anxious to know the outcome. We will provide you with a Court report that same day, outlining precisely what the next steps are for you to action.
  5. Fixed Fees – for most court events, including directions hearings, first returns, return of subpoena and pre-trial reviews, we offer fixed fee services, so your client will always know what they’re up for. LegalVision is small enough not to charge like the top tier firms, but big enough to have a team to meet your needs.
  6. Ongoing dialogue – we understand that the rules of each court in each state are slightly different, and can make for a lot of ‘research time’ simply to advise your client of the process and applicable rules. We aim to build relationships and, in doing so, are happy to have a quick chat as to specific form that should be used or practice note followed.

So if you’re looking for a Sydney agent, allow us to introduce ourselves. Give our friendly client care team a call, and they will be able to talk you through the process.


Emma Jervis
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