Have you ever been asked to guarantee that you will, if needs be, pay for someone’s debt? This is not uncommon, particularly amongst families and friends who often look to the people closest first to become the guarantors of some debt. This might be because someone wishes to start up a new business and the bank loan requires someone to guarantee the loan. It could be that someone is entering the property market, and the bank loan requires a guarantee that someone will pay up in the event that the person can no longer meet their financial obligations. This article explains your rights and obligations if you decide to be a guarantor.

What is a Guarantee?

A guarantee is essentially a promise made by one party (the guarantor) to another party (the creditor). This promise is that the guarantor will pay the debt in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement or lease agreement if the borrower cannot meet their financial commitments.

What is the Guarantor Responsible For?

While it is certainly a nice gesture to financially support a friend or family member if they’re having trouble obtaining a loan from a bank or otherwise, it is a massive responsibility. By becoming a guarantor, you become liable to pay if the borrower or lessee defaults on their repayments. This means that the creditor may require you to pay the full repayment of all the money that still owed on the loan agreement. It is not uncommon for the creditor to take legal action and sue you directly as the guarantor. Once you are sued, you may have a legal claim against the borrower in a separate legal case.

It’s not easy to imagine that a friend or family member would put you in such a difficult position where you end up paying for their debts. However, the truth is it is difficult to know when such financial hardship will arise. Perhaps your friend/relative fell ill or lost their job, which might explain the unfortunate circumstances. Therefore, when deciding to become the guarantor, you must be completely prepared to meet the financial obligations of the debt you are guaranteeing.

What are the Guarantor’s Obligations?

If the borrower is unable to meet the loan repayments and defaults, you will be required to pay the amount owed. This might encompass significant interest on the loans.

Can a Guarantor Avoid Paying?

While there have been cases in the past which involved the guarantor showing to the Court that they did not fully understand what they were doing at the time they entered into the loan agreement as guarantor, guarantors will usually be made to pay on behalf of the debtor.

It is better to assume that any loan agreement, for which you guarantee the payment, will be enforceable in a Court, along with any security you have provided as the guarantor to the loan agreement.

Some creditors will require the guarantor to seek independent legal and financial advice. While this may appear selfless and highly considerate, it is actually just a way for creditors to greatly reduce the level of risk that a guarantor would be able to escape liability of the loan agreement. The guarantor may attempt to deny that they fully understood the legal significance of the agreement, or the legal and financial responsibility that becoming the guarantor inevitably involved. Needless to say, they’re usually made to pay.

The silver lining is that guarantors will usually have a counter claim against the borrower if, upon defaulting, they have been made to pay out the debt on the loan agreement

Key Takeaways

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