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Believing in your business idea is excellent motivation to get started, but when it comes to funding the venture, there are only a couple of solutions. It is essential to determine how you will be funding your startup, whether you will be Bootstrapping or if you will aim to Capital Raise. Once you decide to raise capital, your startup pitch can become essential to your success. Your pitch will help you grow your personal brand, engage with a broader audience and attract like-minded investors to grow your business. This article will explain where to find your audience, how to pitch to investors and what to include in your sales pitch.

Where Do I Find Investors?

Choosing the right investors for your business is vital to be successful during the initial growth stage. The method of investment and people you choose to partner with should align with your business values and goals. There are several ways to find investors, some of which include:

  • incubators and accelerators;
  • venture capital funds;
  • crowdfunding;
  • friends and family;
  • social media; 
  • industry events; and
  • sharing your project with your network.

What Should I Include in My Pitch?

Your pitch should be a well-crafted presentation that reflects yourself, your team and your business. Your pitch should include critical points of your thorough business plan, market position and competitive edge that will appeal to the interest of your investors. Time is of the essence when pitching your business ideas, and you should try and captivate your audience in as little time as possible. 

There are several questions which your pitch should be able to answer:

  • what is your business and why is it relevant in today’s market; 
  • what problem do you solve;
  • who are your competitors, and how are your innovation efforts different;
  • what is your marketing strategy, and how will you market your product;
  • who is your audience;
  • how will you acquire your leads or customers;
  • do you have experience in this client acquisition method; and
  • who is in your team, convey the experience, talents and passion of your team and why they will make your business successful.

In your pitch, you must be clear on your goals of the capital raising efforts, how much you are hoping to raise and where the money will go. Your investors should be absolutely clear on what you plan to do with their money. It is also best practice to define an exit strategy or clear indicators of where you want your business to end up. For example, is it getting acquired, going public, or are there other business ideas up your sleeve for the company.

How to Put Forward Your Best Pitch

Investors regularly see pitches from companies, so it vital you can stand out from the crowd. Time is precious, especially that of your potential investors. Therefore, you must ensure you have put together a succinct pitch that is specifically tailored to your audience. Understanding your audience is critical. Your pitch should demonstrate to investors that you know your audience, understand their needs, and can provide a solution. 

A great pitch should tell a story. Aim to captivate your investors and inject a tone that suggests your business is the ‘next big thing.’ Be confident and concise throughout your pitch to ensure your personality shines through. To ensure your pitch is memorable, be creative in your presentation skills. It is essential to stay true to yourself but endeavour to go beyond PowerPoint slides and statistics.

In your pitch, you may also want to highlight any business wins or company traction that you have gained in the early stages. Investors will love to hear that the business they are looking to support is already desired. Finally, practice makes perfect. Be ready for any curveball questions or changes in timing and circumstances, and do not appear phased by these.

Key Takeaways

A captivating startup pitch can become essential to your success. Your pitch will help you grow your personal brand, engage with a broader audience and attract like-minded investors to grow your business. If you are looking for ways to grow your business, contact LegalVision’s capital raising lawyers on 1300 544 755 or fill out the form on this page. 


How long should my pitch be?

There is no rule of thumb when determining the length of your pitch. However, it is often a great idea to have a couple of versions that vary in length, ranging from elevator pitch to investor presentation.

How do I start Capital Raising?

Whilst Capital Raising is a very exciting event for businesses growth, it can be a very complicated process. LegalVision specialises in supporting your legal needs throughout all Capital Raising stages. Find out more about Capital Raising in The Startup Guide to Capital Raising.

When should you use a Pitch Deck?

Pitch Decks can be useful to display your goals and market positions in a visual way for your executive team and potential investors. There is never a right or wrong way to use this method of presentation, but often they are used in more formal settings.

What do I include in my Pitch Deck?

A Pitch Deck aims to succinctly display the strengths of the team, the benefits of the solution and why investors should choose your business.


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