Keeping staff happy is integral to the success of any startup. The culture is what makes startups so attractive and keeping a hold on that culture can be difficult as the company grows. As a startup founder, it is important to maintain a startup culture as you grow. Beyond health insurance, maternity leave and staff leave, there are additional benefits and perks you can offer to your employees. This article sets out some ideas that can improve the morale and productivity of your most important asset, your team.

Casual Office Policy

If your business has little face time with customers or clients then why force your staff to sit at the desk in a suit? Casual attire in the office can make the environment better, make your employees more productive and help to foster your company culture. Set guidelines on what is appropriate and what you set as your guidelines will be entirely dependent on your business needs. Why not treat your staff with a work-branded t-shirt, baseball hat or other merchandise.

Office Activities

Planning office activities can improve morale and enhance interaction between growing teams across the company. It is a great way to foster staff relations, especially in offices where employees work remotely or part-time. LegalVision has organised many ferocious table tennis tournaments and recently made an outing to the Skyzone. Every fortnight we organise a catered lunch for the staff. Not only keeps the staff happy but also encourages socialising internally and cross-team socialising.

Pet-Friendly Workplace

Studies show it’s a proven staff morale and productivity booster and who can be unhappy when the office dog is strutting their fluff round the office. Not only does it improve the moods of your staff but also those who own the dogs get a much better work and home life balance. They can bring the dog to the office and not worry.

Startup Culture Inspiration

Look at other companies for inspiration, what makes these places the best places to work.

  • Google have on-site haircuts.
  • Patagonia’s Californian office provides volleyball courts, company bikes and actively encourages staff to hang five and catch a wave or two in the middle of the workday.
  • Zappos have nap rooms as they believe sleep significantly impacts wellbeing.
  • Dropbox has Razor Scooters so their employees can get round the office quicker.

As a startup grows and takes on more employees, it’s easy to lose sight of the culture as teams break off and start forming their own culture. From casual dress codes to planned office activities, a startup’s culture can still be maintained as the company grows.

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