Do you require a liquor licence? Are you opening up a casino, club or hotel?

What types of licences are available?

Before you find out how to get a liquor licence in Western Australia, you need to figure out which licence type you require. In Western Australia, there are 10 different licence types, and each licence type varies in their permitted trading hours and the manner in which liquor can be served.

The types available are:

  • Casino
  • Club
  • Hotel – Tavern – Small Bar
  • Liquor Store
  • Nightclub
  • Occasional
  • Producer
  • Restaurant
  • Special Facility
  • Wholesaler

I’ve identified the licence type – what do I do next?

After you’ve identified the type of liquor licence that you require, you must obtain approval for the type of premises that you wish to operate from the local government. You will have to complete the application kit that is relevant to your licence type, lodge the application and the application will then be advertised to allow for a public interest assessment. The applicant, i.e. you, must be able to satisfy the public interest test by showing that it is in the public interest for the application to be granted.

In the period that the application is advertised, the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor will perform probity checks on you and check your company structure. The department will also check local government approvals.

What happens with objections?

If there are no objections then the application is determined.

However, if there are objections, then the parties to the proceedings will need to provide further submissions. The application will then be considered after these submissions have been received.

What happens after applications have been determined?

Once an application has been determined, 2 things can happen. Either a licence is issued or the application for the liquor licence is refused.

Both decisions are subject to review. This review process does not occur automatically. It only occurs when someone seeks a review of the decision to grant or refuse a licence.

Where a review is sought, the matter will be brought before the Liquor Commission. The decision of the Liquor Commission is subject to appeal to the Supreme Court.

How much will an application cost?

The fees and charges for a liquor licence application are dependent on the licence type and whether this licence is intended to be a one-off or permanent.

The 2016 application fees for a liquor licence in Western Australia can be found at


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