Certain business industries require business licences to be registered to ensure industry professionalism and to protect consumers. A licence is a government authority, approval, registration or permit. Licences regulate activities, locations, events, services, equipment, premises, operators and occupations. Common licences are required for property agents, motor dealers, debt collectors and tattooists. Business licences will depend on business structure, jurisdiction, type of business and industry. Most business industry bodies will have information and resources to assist you with understanding the types of licences you require as you set up your business.

Australian Business Licence & Information Service (ABLIS)

ABLIS assists business owners with finding and registering the right  government licences, permits, approvals, registrations and codes of practice. It includes information for each state or territory, and information about licence fees, how to apply, periods of cover and renewals. The ABLIS is a one-stop-shop to find information from all States and Territories and the Australian Government about business registrations.

Registering a Licence

Registration of a licence for a business will depend on the type of licence, and which regulatory body issues them. This can range from business registration licences to council permits. The first step in determining a licence will be checking the Business Licence Information Service in your business’ state or territory. There are also council licences which are used in event planning, commercial activities such as accommodation, film production and roadside vending.

Copyright Licence

Using text and images for business and commercial purposes without the right copyright licences may be considered copyright infringement. The copyright licence can be purchased to cover the use of copyright material at businesses. Types of licences including CopyrightAccess Licence (when using print material or online articles throughout the business), NewsAccess Licence (digital use of newspapers) and ContentAccess Licence (for public relations and marketing).

Food Business Licence

Operating a food business, such as a restaurant, cafe, catering business, food van or food manufacturer will require a food business licence. This licence is usually managed by local governments, and a licence will be granted upon assessment of the suitability of the premises, compliance history and applicant’s level of skills and knowledge in providing safe food.


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