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Gretta van Riel, founder of Hey Influencers, explains the differences between different types of influencer marketing strategies. You can use these on social media to create awareness for your brand.

How to Use Influencer Marketing to Promote Your Business

Influencers are social media users who have an established credibility and audience. They ask questions to better understand what their audience likes and curate content that provides value to their followers. Engaging an influencer aligned with your marketing goals can help promote your business to thousands of potential customers and increase your brand awareness and reach. There are three common strategies when working with influencers.

1. Thunderclap

Creating a thunderclap on social involves working with a large number of influencers to promote your product at the same time. For example, when launching our watch brand, The 5th, we engaged 30 fashion influencers to post a photo and call to action at the same time. This increased the demand for our watches and in 2015, we hit a staggering USD$1 million in a day. To achieve a thunderclap, you need to provide a brief to your influencers with details on what to post and most importantly, when to post (keep in mind time zone differences if your influencers are located around the world). Thunderclaps work well for product launches.

2. Trendsetter

When you are creating demand around your product or brand and looking for conversions rather than awareness, you should look to engage micro influencers. Micro influencers have audiences between 10,000 to 100,000 followers but their posts usually have higher engagement. You can identify micro influencers by following these three steps:

  1. Search relevant popular hashtags and identify popular accounts to follow and engage with. Where possible, identify specific hashtags relevant to your niche, for example, #sydneybrunch instead of #food.
  2. Create a shortlist of influencers to contact. Usually the same communities follow the same influencers.
  3. Offer micro influencers exclusivity to incentivise them to post first. You can also offer exclusive samples or custom-made products with the influencer’s name.

Remember to respond to any questions you receive from potential customers who see your product on Instagram. This includes not only your email account, but also your Instagram Direct Message inbox as well as Instagram notifications when a user comments.

3. Social Proof

Social proof involves unboxings or photos of your product being used. Seeing an influencer using a particular product builds trust and credibility. You can expand this strategy with giveaways and competitions. Consider using one unique hashtag for the campaign so anyone can find your brand and see how customers are using your product.

Quick Tip

  • Get to know the influencer: Work to create a personal relationship first with an influencer by sending them a simple message introducing yourself.
  • Factor their cost into your marketing spend: As a guide, you can expect to budget:

<20,000 followers = $50 to $100 a post.

50,000 followers = $100 to $200 a post.

100,000-plus = $200 to $500 a post.

500,000 followers = $1,000 (minimum).

  • Provide a mood board or brief: Avoid giving an influencer exact specifications unless you’re certain about what you’re doing with your post. The influencers know what will best work for their audience – that’s why you’re relying on them.


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