If you are starting up a business that operates online or uses any other kind of technology for its operation, then you may need an IT solicitor. An IT solicitor will be well versed in new and developing technology, and the risks that are associated with such technology to a business that provides products or services to customers.

Why do I need one?

Depending on the nature of your business, you will need an IT solicitor for various reasons. For example, seeking legal advice from an IT solicitor could benefit if you:

  • Operate a business that collects information online;
  • Sell products or services online;
  • Have a website;
  • Develop software for customers, or;
  • Use third party software when providing services to customers.

While businesses have been utilising technology for a significant period of time now, business owners may find it difficult to access legal information and advice relating to new and developing areas of technology. For this reason, it is useful to speak with a solicitor who is comfortable with issues relating to IT, and could discuss legal matters with you that relate to your unique business model.

What can an IT solicitor do for me?

An IT solicitor can draft a range of legal documents and provide you with advice regarding complex areas of law. These documents are entirely dependent on the nature of your business and can be tailored to your particular business needs. Such documents include:

  • Software licensing and sub-licensing;
  • Protection of virtual assets;
  • Website terms of use;
  • Privacy policies;
  • Website and software development agreements;
  • Website hosting agreements;
  • User agreements.


If you operate a business that has any kind of presence or utilises technology in any way, as most businesses do, it might be worthwhile to seek legal advice from an IT solicitor who can assist you in a number of important ways.

Lachlan McKnight
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