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5 things you need to know about Selling Services Online

  1. Many services businesses do not have a formal office, but instead have a website as their ‘shop front’. It is important to ensure that you provide clear legal terms to both users of your services, and visitors to your website. A services business generally requires a client agreement (also known as business terms and conditions), website terms of use and a privacy policy.
  2. A client agreement is the legal agreement between you and your clients. It is designed to protect you and your business by making it clear what services you provide and how you provide them. Many disputes occur when customers allege that the services were not provided as agreed. Without a well drafted client agreement it can be difficult to demonstrate what you and your customer agreed.
  3. Your client agreement needs to include clauses relating to delivering the services, payments (to help you get paid on time), charging interest, mandatory consumer law provisions, and limiting your liability. It’s important that your client agreement is drafted specifically with your business in mind. Use a specialist lawyer.
  4. Your business website also needs website terms of use.  These apply to each visitor to your website. These protect your website’s intellectual property and set out how visitors can and cannot use your content, including republishing your content.
  5. Your business needs a privacy policy if you collect and use personal information such as email addresses, names and dates of birth, and/or use this for direct marketing or provide it to third parties. Your privacy policy needs to comply with the Australian Privacy Act.
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