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LegalVision Social Ventures

LV Social Ventures (LVSV) leverages our unique capabilities as Australia’s fastest growing law firm and a tech startup to help not-for-profit organisations. With the launch of LVSV, LegalVision is transforming access to pro bono legal services.

Unlike traditional pro bono programs, our team helps organisations do what they do best by using more efficient and innovative systems, moving the focus beyond the traditional approach of contributing financial assistance, pro bono hours and working directly with clients.

Core Values

Our focus is upon empowering individuals and communities who are facing disadvantage. We collaborate with like-minded organisations in this space, who are engaging directly with these individuals and communities.

We’re not about re-inventing the pro-bono wheel or duplicating programs. We look to supplement and enhance existing initiatives, contributing resources (in the form of skills and experience) to push initiatives to the next level.

We are impact-driven and are keen to engage with organisations who are facing challenges in obtaining traditional assistance, and may find themselves with limited support from other government or private partners. We are continually seeking opportunities for collaboration, so that we can commit our respective expertise to tackling issues with a united front.

How we measure success

LVSV harnesses the experience and expertise gained through running a fast growing tech start-up to help not for profit organisations do what they do better.

LVSV aims to promote a new kind of pro-bono work by providing assistance beyond that of traditional law. Through analysis, workshops and tech enabled strategies LVSV works with its partners closely to improve their efficiency and ability to help more clients.

LVSV focuses on tangible outcomes and quantifiable results through an agile work process of continual testing, improvement and development. We assist LVSV Partners through a range of assistance and support including:

  • advice in respect of legal processes and systems;
  • document automation;
  • Design Jams and workshops;
  • assistance with and developing content;
  • consultancy in respect of IT, CRM, tech solutions and process improvements;
  • marketing strategies;
  • development of online content and systems;
  • pro bono legal advice provided by LegalVision lawyers.

Our assistance takes the form of both partnerships and discrete assistance. We measure our success through the quality and quantity of outcomes achieved for partners.

How are we different?

We’re innovative and seek to harness the strengths of traditional pro bono work, while moving beyond only providing free work/giving legal advice and conventional financial assistance to think more holistically.

LegalVision is the first law firm in Australia to adopt the Sustainable Development Goals and actively align its pro bono work with this framework. These important goals guide and frame our work. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) provide an overarching framework for the meaningful partnerships we create through LVSV to benefit existing social enterprises.  We leverage the current capabilities of each partner to achieve shared prosperity while meeting common social goals (in particular the framework provided by the SDG), to improve poverty, health care, training, environmental protection, governance and peace.

LVSV is, in particular, governed by SDG 16.3 (promoting the rule of law and ensuring equal access to justice for all), and SDG 17 (a partnership for goals), while also touching upon our other goals through the meaningful partnerships created.  All goals are invariably linked and cannot exist in isolation.

Our partnerships are strategic: LVSV and our partners implement commercially viable and inclusive business models to provide scalable and systematic solutions to address the needs of the SDGs.

We harness our strengths as a tech-driven law firm to adopt a process-driven approach.

We acknowledge our partners are specialists in their own areas, and seek to build partnerships that capitalise upon our respective strengths. We are a commercial law firm run like a tech start up, above all else, and we look to incorporate what we do best into the processes and systems of our LVSV initiatives.

We bring to the table a holistic approach. We focus not on “what” our partners are doing and the content of their work, but the “how”. We seek to broaden the impact of our partners’ work, enhance their efficiency and utilise technology to free up human capital for more complex work.

When you work with us, you don’t just work with lawyers. We are aided by specialist non-legal teams who are at the forefront of their industries in technology development, marketing, strategy and client care.

About the Team

Our LVSV team is led by lawyers who have strong backgrounds in the non-profit and community sectors and work across a wide range of LegalVision’s practice areas.

Amritha Thiyagarajan, Lawyer | Head of Social Ventures

Amritha is a Lawyer at LegalVision and completed her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of International Studies (Honours) at the University of New South Wales, majoring in Development Studies. Amritha joined LegalVision in 2016 and currently practices in dispute resolution and litigation, as well as franchising.

Before joining LegalVision, Amritha was a lawyer in the litigation and dispute resolution group at Norton Rose Fulbright. Amritha is passionate about access to justice, having worked as a human rights lawyer with the Refugee Advice and Casework Service (RACS), and interned with the trial judges at the United Nations Khmer Rouge Tribunal in Cambodia. She has a breadth of experience in nonprofit and social justice work, having worked on projects ranging from people smuggling inquiries at the Australian Human Rights Commission to judicial capacity building at the Federal Court of Australia. In her spare time, Amritha continues to work closely with the RACS Legal Help for Refugees Clinic as a supervising lawyer.

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Edith Moss, Lawyer | Head of Social Ventures

Edith is a Lawyer at LegalVision and completed her Juris Doctor at the University of New South Wales. Edith joined LegalVision in 2014 and currently practises in the areas of contract and business law including advising on employment matters, drafting business terms and conditions, employment and contractors agreements.

Edith has worked at some of Sydney’s top arts and not-for-profit organisations including Art Month Sydney, Biennale of Sydney and the National Association for the Visual Arts. Edith also has a Bachelor of Design in Architecture from Sydney University and a Masters of Art Administration from the College of Fine Arts, UNSW.

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