A temporary guardianship appointment gives a third party temporary permission to take care of and manage the rights of a minor. It is for temporary and voluntary use and does not cover petitions for temporary guardianship or court-appointed guardians. It is for a limited time (normally not exceeding 30 days). The temporary guardianship appointment may be required, for example, when a minor is being looked after by a family member or a friend and the child’s parents/guardians are overseas or where a minor is going on a holiday with friends.

Where the child has two legal guardians, both legal guardians should sign the appointment (in this case, please use the “Temporary Guardianship Appointment – By Two Guardians”). Where the child has only one legal guardian (because, for example, the other legal guardian has died or the court has taken legal custody away from them), only that one legal guardian needs to sign the appointment (in this case, please use “Temporary Guardianship Appointment – By a Sole Guardian”).

If the child will be travelling without any or all of his or her legal guardians, you should also complete a child travel consent. Contact LegalVision on 1300 544 755 to speak with a lawyer today.

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