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What Contact Details Does ASIC Require When Incorporating a Company?

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When incorporating a company in Australia, ASIC requires:

  • The address details for your company’s registered office and principal place of business;
  • The residential address of each office holder in the company; and
  • The address of each member/shareholder of a proprietary company (in case there are fewer than 20 members/shareholders).

You may also provide ASIC with a separate contact address if the company chooses to have one. Additional information requested by ASIC can include your phone number and email address.

Below, we set out ASIC’s requirements in providing a company’s contact details, notifying ASIC of any changes and what information a third party can view when completing a company search.

The Company’s Registered Office Address

When you incorporate a company, you must provide ASIC with a physical address (i.e. a street address) to send documentation and communications. ASIC will also serve any required documents to this address and won’t accept a post office address as a registered office address. 

When providing ASIC your registered office address, you can include your office or residence’s physical address, or your registered agent’s address provided you have first obtained its prior written consent.

In the event your registered office address changes, you will be required to complete and lodge with ASIC within 28 days an ASIC Form 484 (Change to Company Details).

The Company’s Principal Place of Business

In addition to the registered office address, ASIC also requires the company’s physical principal place of business address. Again, ASIC will not accept as a principal place of business a post office address.

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The Company’s Contact Address

If you don’t have a registered agent, you can use a post office box address for ASIC to send correspondence by completing an ASIC Form 486. 

The Company Officeholder’s Residential Address

You must provide ASIC with the residential address for each: 

  • Director; 
  • Alternate director; and
  • Company Secretary during incorporation.  

Again, the residential address must be a physical address and not a PO Box. In the event the officeholder changes his/her address, you are again required to complete and lodge with ASIC, using the same procedure above, an ASIC Form 484 (Change to Company Details).

What if you want an Officeholder’s Residential Address to Remain Private?

Sometimes, an officeholder wishes for their residential address to remain private, for example where the officeholder isn’t recorded on the Australian electoral roll or has a silent enrollment.

If the officeholder is not on the electoral roll, ASIC will consider whether the publication of the officeholder’s address may risk the personal safety of that person or his/her family. If you are considering applying to ASIC for your residential address to remain private, you will need to use either:

  • ASIC Form 378 (Application to Use An Alternative Address); and/or
  • ASIC Form 379 (Request to Suppress Residential Address or Change Residential and/or Alternative Address).

Your Company’s Address on Business Documents

When you include your company’s address in your marketing material or business documents, you can either use: 

  • Your registered office address; 
  • Your principal place of business address; or 
  • Your post office box address.

Please exercise caution if you do use your personal address on these documents for privacy and safety concerns. 

The Member/Shareholder Addresses

A member/shareholder can provide ASIC with either its street or post office box address. If these details change, the member/shareholder will be required to complete and lodge with ASIC Form 484 (Change to Company Details).

Email Addresses

It is optional whether you provide ASIC with your email address but if you choose to do so, ASIC won’t publically display it. 

Phone Numbers

If you would rather use your mobile number as your contact number when incorporating your company, you certainly may do so, and ASIC won’t display it publically. We again recommend you exercise caution if you do choose to use your mobile number in business and marketing materials. Business phone numbers and email addresses look more professional and help guard against any privacy issues that can arise. 

Anyone can undertake a company search on ASIC’s website (known as an ASIC Current Company Extract).  When you complete your search, you will be provided with the following company details: 

  • Registered office address; 
  • Principal place of business; 
  • Incorporation details;
  • Historical details on the company; and 
  • Director and shareholder information including date of birth and address. 


When incorporating your company, take the time to understand ASIC’s requirements in providing contact details, and ensure that you keep AISC informed if any of these changes. 

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