With every business venture, there are rewards and/or risks. Unfortunately, when looking at a franchising business, you may get carried away with the excitement of having your own business and overlook the possible risks associated with this business. Therefore, it’s important to consider…

  • Whether you have an idea on how owning a business will change your life;
  • What your intentions are in purchasing this franchise;
  • Is your judgment clouded by the prospect of wealth and nothing else;
  • What your current financial situation is;
  • What the specific goals of which you are trying to achieve;
  • Whether the business is related to something that you enjoy doing;
  • What assets you own (e.g. home, shares, investments,  property, cash);
  • What liabilities you own (debts, loans, mortgages);
  • Is the franchise business going to be your primary or secondary source of income?
  • Is the venture going to be your living, hobby, or both?
  • Are you aware of the costs required to purchase this franchise?

Have you conducted thorough research on the payments required to buy the franchise?


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Lachlan McKnight
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