9 FEBRUARY 2017 (SYDNEY): Australian tech-driven law firm, LegalVision, today announced the release of a Startup Manual, the first of its kind in Australia, to help founders launch and grow their startup. It features case studies from leading VCs and startups including Canva, Blackbird Ventures, Shoes of Prey, SafetyCulture, AirTree Ventures and Snappr.

Having assisted thousands of startups in Australia, LegalVision has created the manual to help founders save time in getting their startup off the ground. The manual details the critical steps on how to correctly structure a startup, raise capital, build a team, deal with customers and suppliers, and protect intellectual property.

“Fast growing startups are likely to encounter the same challenges, especially when it comes to raising capital. We created the Startup Manual to help founders avoid these common mistakes and short-circuit their recovery time by learning from others in the community”, said Lachlan McKnight, CEO of LegalVision. “While there are plenty of resources out there, practical advice that focuses on the Australian ecosystem is hard to find.”

The comprehensive and practical manual features ten case studies as well as a cap table to assist founders manage their shareholding and options. Leading Australian VCs also provide their tips on seeking funding and pitching to investors.

Startups continue to face numerous challenges in the legal space, particularly around securing finance to build products, grow teams and protect intellectual property. While there is a swell in the amount of capital available to startups, LegalVision often receives questions around when to raise a round and choosing the right investor. In the past few years, new ways of raising capital have entered the ecosystem, including structures such as SAFEs (simple agreement for future equity).

“2016 was a big year for startups and it’s encouraging to watch the ecosystem develop. I’m confident that startups with a strong team who are focused on a big market can raise capital in Australia. This was certainly not the case even two years ago”, said Mr McKnight. “Our goal is to provide founders with the tools and resources necessary to execute what matters – growing and scaling a successful Australian startup.”

To download the Startup Manual, visit https://bit.ly/startupmanual

LegalVision will be hosted a Sydney launch event on 23 February. More details https://bit.ly/lvstartupevent



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