Emma George

About Emma George

Emma is a Practice Leader at LegalVision with a broad range of legal experience in dispute resolution assisting small, medium and large businesses, individuals and not for profit organisations. Emma has experience in all court jurisdictions and has assisted clients with resolving their disputes through mediation and settlement. Knowing the disputes process can be can daunting, time consuming and costly process for her clients, Emma aims to provide her clients with commercial advice in plain English.
My Franchisor is Insolvent. What Does This Mean for my Franchise?

What is a Restraint of Trade Clause?

Australian employers are increasing using a post-employment restraint of trade clause in their employment agreements to try and protect their business interests…

What is the difference between a lawyer, a solicitor and a barrister?

What are the Elements of a Contract?

Courts around Australia routinely hear contractual disputes. Quite often, they are costly, time-consuming and rarely straightforward. Below, we set out…

How Will the Protecting Vulnerable Workers Bill 2017 Affect Franchisors?

What are Legal Costs in a Dispute?

Litigation is costly and in many cases, prohibits parties enforcing their rights in court. If you do commence proceedings, you…

How to Enforce a Garnishee Order

How to Enforce a Garnishee Order

A garnishee order is a common form of enforcing a judgment debt against a creditor to recover money. Put simply, the court…

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