About Anthony Lieu

Anthony is a growth marketer and lawyer working at the leading edge of developments in the legal profession. As Head of Marketing at LegalVision, he leads a team that brings together lawyers, digital marketers, developers and analysts who are tasked with identifying client opportunities online and breaking down barriers to accessible legal information. Anthony is recognised as one of Australia’s Top 50 Chief Marketing Officers (CMO50 List).
Trademarking overseas

Trademarking Basics Abroad

For a business looking to enter new markets abroad, becoming acquainted with local laws is a crucial step in gaining…

DAO Hack: Blockchain Risks Exposed

DAO Hack: Blockchain Risks Exposed

As a blockchain-based platform, Ethereum is primarily used to execute smart contracts. It uses a digital currency and a specific programming language to…

4 Business Structures For Your Charity

Ethereum, Smart Contracts and Solidity

Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform that executes smart contracts. It is a public distributed ledger that hosts transactions and essentially…

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