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About Anthony Lieu

Anthony is a lawyer and the Head of Marketing at LegalVision. He has a keen interest in startup law, IT law and scaling fast-growing businesses. He has a strong understanding in how startups operate at all stages and navigating the myriad of legal issues surrounding online businesses. He has worked in the public and private legal sector, specialising in disputes and litigation, corporate advisory and tax controversy.
What does Pty Ltd mean?

What Does Pty Ltd Mean?

Definition of Pty Ltd Pty Ltd is short for ‘Proprietary Limited’. If Pty Ltd appears at the end of a…

What is the Netflix Tax?

What is the Netflix Tax?

Editor’s Note (26 June 2017): Australia’s ‘Netflix tax’ is coming into force on July 1 2017, with subscription prices going up…

What is Gardening Leave?

What is Gardening Leave?

Gardening leave is where an employee takes paid leave after they have been given notice of termination or has resigned…

5 Key Points To Look For in an Employee Share Option Plan

Top Australian Startup Events for 2017

Startup events over recent years have increased in popularity as more founders and entrepreneurs attend to hear industry trends and…

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