LegalVision has had its first ever bitcoin paying client.

“We were surprised to find that just a week after announcing we were the first law firm in Australia to offer payment by Bitcoin, that we had a client wanting to use the currency,” LegalVision CEO Lachlan McKnight said.

Bitcoin is the world’s first decentralised digital currency and allows users to transfer money on the internet without using a bank. It also allows users to transact with each other directly.

LegalVision is a new law firm and Australia’s first purely online legal services provider.

LegalVision installed bitcoin on 21 January 2014 – making it the first law firm in Australia to accept payment using the virtual currency.

On 4 February 2014, LegalVision’s had their first client pay for legal services using Bitcoin.

The client, a medium-size business owner who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased business terms and conditions and a privacy policy.

The client paid 2.179 (BTC) for the documents and said they were pleased with the ease of the Bitcoin transaction.

“We use the latest technology so our services are as cheap and easy to use as possible. We provide online legal advice and documents – so it makes perfect sense for us to start using digital currency,” McKnight said.

Ebay UK will start allowing users to buy and sell in Bitcoin on 10 February.

Earlier this month, Canada had its first Bitcoin ATMs installed which allow people to exchange change for digital currency. Last month, the National Basketball Association franchise the Sacramento Kings became the first professional sports team internationally to accept payments via Bitcoin.

Other major companies who also accept bitcoin payments are:

  • Zynga;
  • Virgin Galactic; and
  • OkCupid.

“We think this client will be the first of many who make use of this exciting, new currency,” McKnight said.