LegalVision has launched a free cap table to assist founders, investors and entrepreneurs easily take control and manage startup equity. With this free template, founders can:

  • Easily view and manage your startup’s shareholding and options;
  • Eliminate time-consuming calculations so you can focus on making smarter equity decisions;
  • Track all types of equity events; and
  • Investigate the impact of different pre-money valuations and investment amounts on potential founder payouts.

About the Free Cap Table Template

The LegalVision cap table allows founders to monitor, manage and model the holdings of shares and other instruments in their company. Having this information to hand will empower founders to understand their current company capitalisation and the ability to model a variety of possible future scenarios will enable them to make better informed capital decisions.

The design of the LegalVision cap table has been kept deliberately simple to allow founders to focus on the key variables that they can control and the factors over which they may need to make assumptions about the future. Founders can model shares, options and convertible notes (including cumulative accrued interest, discounts and caps) and this should be sufficient for the majority of startup companies.

Entering details of a forthcoming investment round (whether imminently expected or entirely fictional) permits founders to observe the impact on their resulting equity stake or for current holders of convertible notes, for example. Going one step further and entering an assumption for an ultimate exit valuation can give them an indication of potential payouts for the various stakeholders.

Use the LegalVision cap table to record current capitalisation and enjoy playing with it to study “what if” scenarios for investment rounds and exit.

Download the LegalVision cap table.