Our second Friday feature client here at LegalVision.com.au is a fantastic and VERY innovative service called Needajingle.com



LegalVision recently caught up with Needajingle founder Evan Buist.

LegalVision: Can you give us a brief description of your business?

Evan Buist: NeedaJingle.com is a global marketplace for crowdsourcing custom music and sound design. It’s a place where companies can tap into a virtually limitless pool of creativity, diversity and experience, in a risk-free environment where clients receive the perfect track, or their money back.

At NeedaJingle, composers, musicians, producers and recording artists from all around the world can submit tracks for consideration in professional media productions. Productions where music synchronisation deals were traditionally brokered behind closed doors. NeedaJingle is 100% free for artists.

For directors, producers, agencies and production companies: this is a marketplace where for whatever budget they might have allocated to a single composer, they’re now able to engage a diverse pool of artists, all striving to provide the best custom audio for the brief. There’s even a refund policy in case the client is not 100% satisfied.

We are composers, musicians, producers and recording artists from all over the world. Our influences range from Metallica to Mozart. We play jazz bars and fill stadiums. We are virtuosos of every instrument. We sing in every voice, every language. Our diverse skills and distinct musical differences make us, together, the most powerful, revolutionary music tool on the planet.

LegalVision: What services did you LegalVision’s help with?

Evan Buist: LegalVision drafted all the legal documents required to get NeedaJingle.com off the ground including the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy and Media File License. These documents required current Australian Privacy Policy inclusions and a lot of complex music copyright and licensing information.

LegalVision: How did getting the legal side sorted out help NeedaJingle?

Evan Buist: Without the help of LegalVision, there is no way that we could have launched the site with any kind of confidence. In our case, we’re dealing with copyright law and complex music licensing requirements so it’s always prudent to seek good legal advice. We are very happy with the outcome of the legal documents, most of which are proudly displayed on our website.

LegalVision: Is there anything else you could tell us about the business?

Evan Buist: It’s important to note that LegalVision’s assistance has also helped us to protect our artists and their intellectual property. We are a music licensing business, connecting our registered artists (licensors) with potential clients (licensees). But we are not a music publisher and do not take a cut of any public performance or broadcast royalties. We actually request that our clients report on any public performance and broadcast details so we can try to get this information back to the rightful owner, the artist.

The entire LegalVision team wishes Evan and Needajingle.com the very best of luck!