It’s Friday Feature Client time here at LegalVision! This week we focus on a unique service called Crew With Me. A service that allows people to share recreational sailing vessels and costs! Find out all about them on

LegalVision recently caught up with Crew With Me CEO Tony Plunkett;

LegalVision: Could you give us a brief description of your Business?

Tony Plunkett: CrewWithMe facilitates ride sharing for recreation boaters. Its a collaborative consumption model that helps boat owners who want to use their vessels more often, find willing and keen crew to help out and share costs for the day. Its early users are from watersports, fishing and sailing communities, but we have also had interest from people involved in diving (looking to share a boat ride to a dive site), or paddlers (to share a trailer for a downwind paddle).

LegalVision: Could you give us a brief description of the Legal Documents we helped you with?

Tony Plunkett: We needed both a website terms of use and agreements covering how owners would use the site, how crew would be introduced to owners, and CrewWithMe’s position facilitating that. We wanted to be sure to differentiate our service from boat rental operations as this was more akin to car pooling programs than to boat share schemes. To do this we needed both a legal framework and a review. This would have been daunting if I had to go to a solicitor, but I was comforted by Legalvisions fixed price quote as it meant I could budget more effectively, and there would be no unpleasant surprises.

Share the joy of sailing with
Share the joy of sailing with

LegalVision: How did getting the legal side sorted out help your business?

Tony Plunkett: The marine licensing, insurance and registration process is unlike that in land based vehicles, and so we wanted to be very sure that our clients understood that, and that we had some clear guidelines to protect our venture. At the suggestion of LegalVisions advisor, we also changed the method of T&C acceptance to provide greater coverage also.

The fact this was done by an Australian based legal team (rather than a cut and paste from  a US set of terms) gave me confidence to speak to insurance agencies, and industry bodies as I knew the site would present professionally from a legal standpoint.

LegalVision: Anything else you would like to add?

Tony Plunkett: Our launch event was held on Tuesday 25th February and involved arranging for 25 clients and families from Manly’s Royal Far West charity to be crew onboard a number of large yachts from Royal Motor Yacht Club on Sydney’s Pittwater.

The entire LegalVision team wishes Tony all the very best with his fantastic enterprise! We encourage all boating enthusiasts to have a look at the CrewWith.Me website and get in touch with Tony!



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