Loan Agreement

The LVDox™ Free Loan Agreement is a short form loan agreement. It assumes that: there is a single borrower (either a company or an individual) and a single lender (either a company or an individual); the lender is not committed to provide the loan; the loan is unsecured; and the borrower must repay the loan […]

Promissory Note

The LVDox™ Free Promissory Note is a very simple document, designed for simple situations. It includes an interest clause, and a choice as to whether the Promissory Note will be transferrable or not. A promissory note is not a loan contract, although both relate to borrowing money. The main differences between a loan contract and […]

Division 7a – Loan Agreement

LegalVision’s LVDox™ Free Division 7a – Loan Agreement sets out: a basic interest clause; a basic repayment clause; and basic costs and expenses, amendments, waiver and governing law clauses. If your loan arrangement is more complex, then it’s important that you have a lawyer assist you draft the following clauses: a sophisticated dispute resolution clause; […]

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