About Sophie Glover

Sophie is a Lawyer and Legal Project Manager at LegalVision.  Sophie has experience in the tech startup sphere and loves helping innovative ideas evolve into fully fledged businesses.  She has experience at the Public Interest and Advocacy Centre and in IP law.  Sophie has a Bachelor of Medical Science, Juris Doctor and is particularly interested in Biotechnology and E-Commerce.

Drone Regulations in Australia

Drone Regulations in Australia

If you intend to fly a drone in Australia, there are regulations you need to be aware of before you set flight.…

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What is a Strategic Alliance?

A strategic alliance is a legal agreement formed by two or more companies to combine resources and achieve a common…

Big Data and Privacy

An Overview of the Census 2016

Every five years Australians partake in a national survey known as the Census. The Census collects statistics from every household…

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