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What Is the Role of an Administrator? | LegalVision

Can You Trademark a Hashtag?

The hashtag has become a household term. Such is the pervasiveness of social media that we all know what it…

Boilerplate Clauses - Part I

Boilerplate Clauses – Part I

If you have ever read through a contract, you will probably have noticed some clauses, usually towards the back of…

How To Deregister or Reinstate a Company

Boilerplate Clauses – Part II

As mentioned in the first article of this series, Boilerplate Clauses are very useful in helping to control the bigger picture…

What Does 'Without Prejudice' Mean? | LegalVision

Boilerplate Clauses – Part III

Let’s continue our look at Boilerplate Clauses in contracts. Boilerplate Clauses are typically perceived to be of little commercial significance…

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