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Olivia is a Lawyer in LegalVision's Corporate and Commercial team. She uses her background in law and customer service to assist clients.
Leasing: Obtaining Insurance | LegalVision

Leasing: Obtaining Insurance

Obtaining insurance is a critical part of the leasing process. Before you receive the keys to your new commercial premises,…

What Is an Invitation To Treat and What Is an Offer?

What Is an Invitation to Treat? 

An invitation to treat is a common scenario that occurs in everyday life and business. Whether you have heard of…

What is Carer's Leave? | LegalVision

What Is a Teaming Agreement?

If you are entering into a contract with another business or businesses to jointly tender for a project together without…

What is a Managing Contractor Model? | LegalVision

What is a Managing Contractor Model?

If your business is thinking of undertaking a construction project with a high level of complexity or an uncertain scope, you…

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