About Nathalie King

Nathalie is a Lawyer in Australia and an Associate in New Zealand in LegalVision’s employment team. She works with SMEs, startups and franchises. Nathalie assists across all areas of employment law including employment and independent contractor agreements, workplace policies, compliance, sham contracting, modern awards, termination of employment and employment disputes. Nathalie provides practical and actionable advice whilst taking the time to clearly explain Australia’s employment framework.
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How Do I Know Which Award Is Relevant?

Many underpayments stem from employers not knowing which award is relevant for their employees or ignoring awards altogether. It is,…

A Brief Summary of Leave Entitlements (Employer's Guide) | LegalVision

A Summary of Leave Entitlements

When you hire a permanent or casual employee, you are required to extend certain rights to them under the Fair Work…

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Why Do I Need Workplace Policies?

Workplace policies are often misunderstood as lengthy documents which sit on intranet pages gathering metaphorical dust. However, if you are…

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