Today in our Friday Feature Client Special, we take a closer look at LegalVision client Safety Tracker. A great new startup that helps its users manage health, safety and
environmental data.

LegalVision recently caught up with Safety Tracker’s Managing Director, Michael Harvey.

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LegalVision: Could you give us a brief description of your business?

Michael Harvey: Safety Tracker is an eCommerce startup that utilises smart device technology and ‘cloud’ based software to capture, monitor and report on workplace health and safety, environmental and quality data.

LegalVision: Could you give us a description of the legal documents that we helped you with?

Michael Harvey: It was important for us to have sound legal advice from the very beginning of this venture. Legal Vision worked with us to develop the required legal documents to protect our business. These documents included our Privacy Policy, Software Service Agreement and Website Terms of Use.

Safety Tracker Director Michael Harvey
Safety Tracker Director Michael Harvey

LegalVision: How did getting the legal side sorted out help you?

Michael Harvey: By having Legal Vision provide the legal documents we felt confident

we had the required level of legal protection that gave us peace of mind, and allowed us to get on with the job of developing our business.

LegalVision: How did you find working with us?

Michael Harvey: I had both email and phone communications with Ursula and Priscilla who worked with me on the required legal documents. Ursula and Priscilla where both professional and responded to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

The reasoning for initially engaging Legal Vision for our legal documents is that they are an eCommerce business providing legal advice and they would be in a superior position to understand our business’s legal requirements. Legal Vision throughout the process was upfront about their fees and the timings required to produce the draft documents and the final documents. Legal Vision made the whole process of generating the required legal documents seamless.

The entire team at LegalVision wishes Michael and Safety Tracker all the best of luck with the venture!