An extraordinary client featured today on the LegalVision blog! MANSAM Online magazine – the brainchild of Sam Leon. We caught up with Sam and learned all about MANSAM.


logo_red minimal (1)MANSAM is new. MANSAM is different. The format is a new approach in magazine design. The concept of fast-reads on a variety of topics, presented for time-scarce people, is different. MANSAM is not age or gender specific. This magazine has been created for people who enjoy light reading, entertainment, graphic-design, interesting art, fun, learning, alternative opinions, knowledgeable articles, smart advertising, all wrapped up in an attractive monthly presentation that is completely free to access. Editorials are updated weekly. New editions are produced monthly and advised by emails sent to all registered subscribers. MANSAM is new. MANSAM is different. MANSAM’s appeal is universal. Subscription is open now.

Introducing Samuel Leon CEO and Founder of MANSAM Magazine:

MANSAM founder Sam Leon“I have always enjoyed entertaining people, always endeavoured to enrich their lives and always promoted information that could be of benefit to all. Now I am publishing a magazine and doing these things online. It is MANSAM – The online magazine for thinking people who are time-scarce. A choice of different articles and podcasts for all to enjoy. A big ‘Thank You’ to LegalVision for all their input and professional assistance”

LV:What did you come to LegalVision for?

Sam: Straightforward advice and documentation at a price I could afford. By chance I read an article by Ursula Hogben. It made sense to me. It illustrated that she understood the legal needs of someone like me. Someone who was starting an online magazine in what was to me ‘unchartered waters’. I needed advice and I needed action and I had a tight budget.

LV: Who assisted you from the LegalVision team?

Sam: Initially Lachlan and I spoke and he explained how things at LegalVision work. In particular he walked me through the excellent web site of available templates. Then, as I realised I needed more legal work, Ursula assisted me brilliantly and now I am being assisted by Jacqui Pryor and Dilan Haradasa.

LV: How was the experience?

The experience was – and continues to be – better than my expectations. Previous interactions with law firms had left a “caution light” flashing in my brain and to be  honest, a bad taste in my mouth. Absolutely nothing like that with the LegalVision Team. My concerns never arose. The service was prompt, no-nonsense and business-like, yet always courteous, available and helpful. Fees are very fair and quality is first class. Cannot ask for more than that. Am I 100% satisfied. The answer is 100% Yes!

The entire team at LegalVision wishes Sam the very best of luck in making MANSAM a huge success! 

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