How time flies, it’s Friday again so time for our weekly featured Client here at LegalVision! This week the spotlight is pointed at


LegalVision Caught up with Limespring principal consultant, Nicci Richman.

LegalVision: Could you give us a brief description of your business?

 Nicci: Limespring provides accessible HR guidance to small and medium sized businesses. We focus on providing straight-forward HR advice, systems and training to take the stress out of managing people. We ensure that legislative requirements are being met and help develop simple, cost-effective strategies to engage and retain staff.  We love the “people stuff” and we have fun making this easier for our clients!

 LegalVision: Description of the legal documents that we helped you with:

 1)  Client Terms & Conditions to use when engaging my new clients.

2)  A range of master employment contracts, for permanent, casual and fixed-term employees.

 LegalVision: How did getting the legal side sorted out help you?

 Nicci: It took away the headache of wondering if I’d covered all my bases when working with clients. It also provided a professional client agreement that took away the need for those uncomfortable conversations!

The employment contracts provided a legally sound template to engage employees on behalf of our clients, without needing to reinvent the wheel every time!

Limespring Principal Consultant Nicci Richman
Limespring Principal Consultant Nicci Richman

LegalVision: How did you find working with LegalVision?

 Nicci: I loved it!  The documents were written in straight-forward language, were non-threatening to our clients and employees and covered all requirements without using up a bunch of trees in the process! Ursula really listened to what I needed, went above and beyond in ensuring that every aspect was thoroughly researched, and provided the documents ahead of schedule.  Even better, she didn’t speak in “legal-ease” and made the entire process fast and easy!

LegalVision wishes Nicci the very best of luck in developing Limespring!