It’s Friday afternoon again so high time for our Friday feature client. This week the spotlight in on AURFS – Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service. A great professional service, dedicated to locating individuals and companies who are unaware of unclaimed money or assets owing to them. You can find out all about this extraordinary company on


AURFS Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service
AURFS Australian Un-Recovered Finance Service



LegalVision recently caught up with AURFS Director, Deanna Mannix.

LegalVision: Could you give us a brief description of your business?

Deanna Mannix; AURFS Pty Ltd is a professional investigative firm dedicated to locating individuals, corporate companies, trusts and beneficiaries who are unaware of unclaimed money/assets owing to them.

Our specialised team works with government departments, solicitors, banks and other agencies in order to help in the process of locating these people that are unable to be located.

We love locating people and bringing back great memories.


AURFS Director Deanna Mannix
AURFS Director Deanna Mannix


LegalVision: Could you give a brief description what documents we helped you with?

Deanna Mannix: LegalVision worked with us to update our Privacy Policy (due to the new changes that recently came into affect) and establish new Terms & Conditions to protect our business and provide our clients with a level of service.

LegalVision: How did getting the legal side sorted out help your business?

Deanna Mannix: It gave us peace of mind knowing that all our service’s are protected and also helped us with signing new clients, by knowing the professional agreement is legal and legitimate (which greatly comforts our clients).

LegalVision: Anything else you would like to add?

Deanna Mannix: From the moment I contacted LegalVision and spoke with Lachlan I was really impressed with the quick reply and professional approach as well as kindness and happiness to do business.  Once our requirements were discussed I was then placed into the hands of Ursula who managed all that we needed.  The process was very quick and pleasant, and by working with LegalVision we were given the very best professional advice in top notch legal service.  We were able to discuss openly about our budget and maintain this at all times through communication.  I highly recommend LegalVision (Lachlan/Ursula/Jacqueline and Lauren) all of whom we dealt with.  We will continue to use LegalVision. Great Job!!

The entire team over at LegalVision wishes Deanna Mannix and AURFS the very best of luck with this great business!