LegalVision has launched its Franchisor Toolkit to assist business owners looking to expand into a franchise network.

Australia is estimated to have more franchised businesses per capita than anywhere else in the world. As a $146 billion industry, franchising has been key to Australia’s economic success over the last 20 years.

The LegalVision Franchisor Toolkit covers all the essential topics business owners need to know about franchising their business, including:

  • Franchising as a business model
  • Setting up a business structure for a franchise
  • Branding and design considerations
  • Managing a franchise
  • Resolving issues in the franchise network

This Toolkit contains case studies from leading franchisors including Just Cuts, FlipOut, Fibonacci Coffee and the United Franchise Group.

Download LegalVision’s Franchisor Toolkit.

Sample Chapters

Why franchise? Branding and design tips
Finding the right franchisees Leasing the franchise premises