Are you a small business owner in Newtown? Being a small business owner is both exciting and challenging, and getting legal advice can often be the furthest thing from your mind. There are a number of basic legal requirements for small businesses, as well as legal mechanisms that should be in place to help you avoid liability and protect your assets and interests. If you’re in Newtown, LegalVision can help your small business by setting you up with one of our amazing small business lawyers. A LegalVision small business lawyer is both efficient and affordable, and can work with you online or over the phone to reach practical legal solutions for your small business.

LegalVision is an online law firm that is doing things a little differently. We felt that more traditional firms didn’t cater to the needs of everyday small business owners, with their hourly billing, in-person consultations and often impersonal approach. So we decided to build a firm that was based online, giving both clients and lawyers more flexibility and implemented a fixed-fee pricing model so that our clients know exactly what they’re getting for what they pay for. Our small business lawyers are also passionate about small business and are always eager to help!

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How it Works

A LegalVision small business lawyer can help you draft of review the various business contracts and agreements you may need. Since our small business lawyers are so efficient, they can usually do contract work in under 48 hours. If you’re trying to grow your business or raise capital, a small business lawyer can help you restructure your business or help bring on investors. If you find yourself in a commercial dispute, or would like to try to avoid disputes ever arising, our small business lawyers can help with this as well.

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  • Client Service and Delivery Award Winner – 2016 InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards
  • Innovator of the Year Finalist – 2016 Optus MyBusiness Awards