For specialist commercial and corporate lawyers perfect for your Kingaroy small business, choose LegalVision. We are a growing law firm dedicated to accommodating the small business community in Australia. With competitive fixed fees and specialist lawyers, we are in raptures knowing that we are helping more and more small businesses obtain high quality legal contracts.

Hiring a lawyer is a task every business encounters. When small businesses look for lawyers, their main concern are to find lawyers who are experts, who use simple language, and are available at a cost that fits within their budget. This is understandable. Most small business owners are often new to legal contracts; needing time to catch up to speed.

To get in touch with a small business lawyer for your Kingaroy business simply call LegalVision on 1300 544 755. Client care loves hearing from new business owners across Australia and assisting their legal needs.

How it Works

At LegalVision, we love surprising small business owners with the price of our legal fees and the expertise of our specialist lawyers. Each principal at our law firm has had years of experience specialising in their field at a top law firm. This means they know their specialised field inside and out, and can carry out your contractual matter in next to no time. They can provide quick document turnovers when draft or reviewing your Kingaroy contracts.

Our team of specialist lawyers are some of the most personable people around. They’ll make sure you receive practical legal advice you understand and trust. When running through complex legal documents, they’ll take the time to make sure you understand your legal stance. Although we don’t encourage costly face to face meetings, all our lawyers are easily accessible through web conferencing, live chat, emails or via Skype.

For a small business lawyer for your Kingaroy business please don’t hesitate with getting in touch with LegalVision today!

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Our Awards

  • Innovator of the Year – 2016 Australian Law Awards
  • Professional Services Business of the Year – 2016 Optus MyBusiness Awards
  • Boutique Diversity Law Firm of the Year – 2015 Women in Law Awards
  • Startup Disruptor and Next Rich Award Finalist – 2016 PwC Aspire Awards
  • Client Service and Delivery Award Winner – 2016 InfoTrack Client Centricity Awards
  • Innovator of the Year Finalist – 2016 Optus MyBusiness Awards