Are you living or working in Brisbane, and bringing on Shareholders to grow your business? LegalVision has special contract lawyers who can work with you in Brisbane to draft or review a comprehensive Shareholders Agreement. All lawyers are available conveniently online to ensure Australians get value for their money.

Shareholders Agreements are used when people go into business with others or a business decides to bring on shareholders by issuing shares. A Shareholders Agreement is a binding contract that governs the relationships of shareholders and business arrangements within a business. A comprehensive Shareholders Agreement will include terms that cover everything from business operations, to the powers and duties of directors, voting rights, how capital and loans will be managed and any relevant insurance.

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Standard Shareholders Agreements may be found online for free or business owners have the option to even forgo this agreement. Problems with online templates are that they be too generic or vague, and as a result, unenforceable. Not having one at all opens you and your shareholders up to risk of liability, disputes and generally a lack of clarity as to their rights, obligations and relationship to other parties. A comprehensive Shareholders Agreement can make sure all bases are covered should a dispute arise.

LegalVision’s fixed-fee pricing model and accessible online service means you can be up and running with your Shareholders Agreement in Brisbane in next to no time. We adamantly believe that fixed fees foster greater efficiency in our specialist lawyers, and are less distracting for clients than billable time intervals. The transparency of this business model, means more and more Australians are recommending LegalVision as their legal service provider of choice.

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