Are you looking for an online patent lawyer to assist you with protecting a new invention in Melbourne? LegalVision is an online-based Australian law firm, specialising in commercial and corporate law. All specialist Intellectual Property lawyers are available to assist businesses, individuals and start-ups with their patent needs across Australia.

Australian patents in Intellectual Property are designed to give individuals and businesses protection over their ideas, inventions, secret recipes and methods. An innovative or Standard patent available under the Patents Act 1990 (Cth) will give the owner the exclusive right to commercially exploit their works for 8 or 20 years, respectively. This includes the right to licence or assignment these property rights. Patents play a key role in the development of technologies as it allows investors to recoup the costs in research and development, as well as an opportunity to make a profit.

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LegalVision’s patent lawyers are specialists in intellectual property. Specialists include many who have previously practised at Australia’s top law firms. Their experience places them in a great position to be able to provide timely advice. They’ve already helped numerous Australians obtain Innovative and Standard Patents.

The best thing about choosing LegalVision is that we are an online-based law firm. All specialists are accessible via web conference, live chat, emails or over the phone. This discourages client meetings that are costly, and time-consuming. The streamline business model we run, helps us provide specialist legal advice for affordable fixed fees.

Patents can be extremely useful to generating a strong foundation for your business. Call LegalVision today and a patent lawyer can assist you online or over the phone to get your patent registered in Melbourne!



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