Finding a tenant for the right price isn’t always easy. Ensuring that tenant upholds his or her legal obligations throughout the term of a commercial lease agreement is sometimes even more challenging. The same concerns could be raised from the tenant’s perspective in that finding the right landlord, someone who is willing to negotiate and be flexible, and who continues to respect the legal rights of its tenant, can be difficult. If you need a leasing lawyer in the Blue Mountains, you have come to the right place. LegalVision is Australia’s most innovative online law firm. We meet and surpass the legal needs of middle Australia by ensuring our services our both affordable and efficient, without ever forsaking the quality of our work.

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Our lawyers operate on fixed fees. This means our prices are not hourly, but based on our overall assessment of your legal needs and preapproved by our clients before we ever start the work. This system does two things. It means the tenants and landlords who we help, our clients, know what to expect financially from the outset of any matter. It also means that our leasing lawyers are not rewarded for being inefficient, which is a natural consequence of charging clients on an hourly basis.

Getting your lease drafted correctly and without delay is one of the most important things when starting your own business. You can end up paying huge amounts of money if the terms of the lease you enter are not fair and reasonable. Keep in mind that a commercial lease is a contract between two parties that is legally binding, so it is worth speaking to an experienced leasing lawyer servicing the Blue Mountains area.

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