Are you constantly on the lookout for a leasing lawyer in Inverell who understands your need as a business? Commercial leasing is a complex area of law that demands the right expertise from the right specialist lawyers. When you start a business, in most cases, you’ll need a space to work from. When you are negotiating the terms of your commercial lease, it’s absolutely essential that you speak with a leasing lawyer with experience in the commercial side of things.

The commercial leasing team at LegalVision is comprised of some of Australia’s leading legal minds. We have had experience drafting and reviewing all leasing documents, and have provided this service for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s your own sole trader business, a newly incorporated company, a startup that you’ve just launched, or you’re simply relocating to a larger premises, our depth of experience means that we have encountered every legal issue under the sun.

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How it Works

Part of what distinguishes LegalVision from your everyday run-of-the-mill law firm is our commitment to providing our clients with fixed-fees. Why are fixed fees important in legal practice? It gives our clients absolute clarity and peace of mind with respect to their total legal expenditure. It also highlights the importance of transparency in legal services. At LegalVision, our clients have the benefit of engaging our services knowing what they’ll end up paying.

There are many obligations that need to be upheld throughout the duration of a commercial lease. It’s crucial that both the tenant and landlord know and understand what is actually required of them legally to avoid getting into legal strife down the line. Unsure what obligations you owe or rights you have? Our team over at LegalVision can assist your business in Inverell without you ever needing to come to our Sydney office. How? We provide our service to clients online. This both saves time and money, and ensures our fixed-fee model is available to any business owner in Australia.

If you’re looking to enter into a commercial lease, want advice on a current issue or dispute that has arisen between you and another commercial party (landlord or tenant), or simply want assistance in negotiating the right terms and conditions, our leading lawyers are ready to help.

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