Are you a business owner looking for premises for your business in Forster? You’ll likely be taking out a commercial or retail lease. Commercial and retail leases are different from residential leases, and are regulated by different sets of legislation. This means that if you’re looking to lease commercial or retail premises, then you will need the help of a commercial leasing lawyer who is familiar with the rules and regulations surrounding these kinds of leases.

A Leasing Lawyer’s primary job is drafting, reviewing or negotiating the lease agreement. A Lease Agreement is the main legal document that creates the lease and sets out many of the fundamental terms needed to set out the relationship between landlord and tenant. This will include duration of lease, payment of rent, maintenance, repairs, legal fees and other outgoings.

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If you’re a business owner, time and money is precious. Here at LegalVision we understand the pressures that face small business owners, and our affordable fixed-fees and efficient lawyers are just some of the ways we make things easier for you. Having a lease agreement drafted efficiently and expertly by one of our Leasing Lawyers is just one of the ways we help Australian small business owners.

Commercial leases are long commitments, and you want to ensure that you are drafting favourable terms into your lease agreement that are going to reflect your interests not just at present, but for the duration of the lease. The last thing you want is a dispute with a landlord or tenant. If you have found yourself in a disagreement over your commercial or retail lease, a LegalVision Leasing Lawyer will also be able to help you in this scenario.

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