Want to find the right commercial leasing lawyer for your business in Epping? As any business owner will tell you, starting a business is not without its long term risks. The Commercial Lease is just one of those risks that is best taken care of at the beginning of your business. Particularly for tenants, you’ll want to ensure that the lease allows you to carry out the intended conduct of your business on the Landlord’s premise without significant restrictions. LegalVision has a team of experienced leasing lawyers to help you with your business’s commercial or retail lease.

A specialist leasing lawyer’s main responsibility is to protect the interests and assets of their clients in the long term. As most landlords and tenants have a leasing lawyer draft or review their Commercial Lease, an experienced lawyer is usually relied upon for negotiating favourable clauses in the contract. As this contract happens to outline the enforceable rights that each party has against the other, a savvy business owner will prioritise the importance of seeking an experienced lawyer to costly litigation down the track.

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How it Works

Negotiating a Commercial Lease is a significant task. This is due to the conflicting interests of the tenant and the landlord. When it comes to bonds, a Landlord will want to negotiate a fair bond that can compensate any long-term damage that a tenant may inflict over the course of the Commercial Lease. A tenant, on the other hand, will want to minimise this and the rental rates. Once the lease is complete, our lawyers can personally run you through the agreement so you understand your legal rights and obligations under the lease. A thorough understanding prevents you from inadvertently breaching a clause, or can be useful for you to know in case you want to enforce your rights at a later stage.

Unlike other traditional lawyers you may find in Epping, we offer a fixed fee for our services. Rather than charge you for every 6 minutes of your time we take up, we’ve helped hundred of business owners across Australia manage the affordability of their legal bills by providing a fee upfront. With no surprises at the end of the day, you’ll be able to hit the ground running on the more exciting things about your business.

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