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LegalVision is a leader in innovation in the legal services profession. Our commercial leasing lawyers servicing clients in and around the Deniliquin area are experts when it comes to drafting or reviewing leasing documents. As a new business owner, you could appreciate the importance of having premises that suit your business. Getting the right terms and conditions when negotiating your commercial lease agreement is crucial. Get it wrong, and you could end up paying for your mistakes in expensive litigation, or find yourself and your business locked into a contractual arrangement that you didn’t completely understand.

When you enter into a commercial lease, there are many factors you, as the business owner, need to consider. These include things like your rental obligations, the termination clause, the rent review clause, and the circumstances that constitute a breach of the agreement. If you are the landlord and are looking to have your commercial lease agreement in Deniliquin drafted from scratch, a LegalVision leasing lawyer will ensure your interests remain at the core of the agreement (without inserting unfair contract terms, of course). For example, it will be important to draft a ‘make-good’ provision into the agreement so that when the tenancy comes to an end, the condition of the premises is the same as it was when the commercial lease commenced.

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