Where do you stand with your landlord? Do you have ongoing conflicts and feel your rights are constantly coming under fire? Has he or she ever breached the terms of your lease agreement, which has negatively impacted your commercial interests as the tenant? Whichever side of the fence you find yourself, whether as tenant or landlord, the main priority when entering into a commercial lease is in making sure your legal needs are adequately protected throughout the term of the lease. This can only be achieved when a high quality, leasing lawyer assists in reviewing or drafting the terms of the lease, which is where LegalVision and its team of leasing lawyers servicing the Ballina area can help.

If you live in Bateman’s Bay and are considering entering into a commercial lease, need lease terms reviewed, or wish to have a leasing lawyer negotiate on your behalf, get in touch with LegalVision today on 1300 544 755. Otherwise leave your name and enquiry for us to contact you directly.


How it Works

LegalVision is a fixed-fee business law firm. We help tenants and landlords address their leasing needs and we do so at a fixed price. The reason we refuse to use a system of hourly billing is because we know it tends to reward inefficient legal work. Our lawyers assess your needs, provide you with a quote and, once it is approved and paid by the client, get straight to work on your matter. We work faster when we operate online because we no longer need to physically meet with a client. Instead, our lawyers can speak with you online or over the phone, and provide the same quality service in half the time.

Our leasing lawyers who work with businesses and clients in Bateman’s Bay also have in-depth experience providing legal support during negotiations with the other party. Keep in mind that a commercial lease is a contract between two parties that is legally binding, so it is worth speaking to an experienced leasing lawyer servicing Bateman’s Bay.

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