If you’ve found this landing page for a Franchise Agreement draft or review for your business in Narrabeen, then you’re probably looking for a franchise lawyer. Well you’ve come to right place. However, at LegalVision, we don’t just stop there. As an online law firm, our team of specialist franchise lawyers are experienced, easily accessible and affordable.

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A Franchise Agreement is a very important document that should receive proper attention by an experienced franchise lawyer, and rightly so. The Franchise Agreement gives a franchisee the right to open and run a franchised business. This document will essentially spell out each party’s enforceable rights in order to facilitate this arrangement. If you’re a franchisee, it’s very important to have an experienced franchise lawyer review the document. As the document is drafted by the Franchisor, it would be very naive to believe your interests are properly safeguarded on a first reading of the document.

Establishing fair terms and conditions in the Franchise Agreement will protect both parties’ interests and assets in the long term. It also minimises the chance for disputes arising down the track. Disputes arise because a party becomes unsatisfied with a term in the Franchise Agreement, or a party breaches a term. As dispute and litigation is a costly outcome, it’s best avoided.

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