Drafting or reviewing the Franchise Agreement are very common reasons why franchise lawyers are sought after, and for good reason.

The Franchise Agreement is a complex legal document. It bears the responsibility for setting out all the agreed upon terms and conditions between the franchisor and franchisee. From a more positive perspective, it allows the franchisee to use the proven products and services of the Franchisor, provided they follow certain requirements. As these terms will affect your business in the long term, it’s really important you have an experienced franchise lawyer be able to negotiate your best interests.

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When the merchants in Europe developed the modern day concept of commercial law (lex mercatoria), it was well acknowledged that commercial matters need to be sorted out quickly and efficiently. Hundreds of years down the track, and the same principle applies. At LegalVision we understand this. We know the huge inconvenience it can be for a business to be waiting on something such as a legal document. That’s why at LegalVision, it is our goal to have your legal documents prepared as soon as possible. If needed, we can have your draft or review complete in as little as 48 hours!

Our team of franchise lawyers have collectively helped hundreds of Australian franchisors and franchisees. Many of them come from mid to top tier firms, and have spent years specialising in franchise law. This means they’ve had extensive years drafting and reviewing Franchise Agreements for many businesses just like yours! As such, they’ll know all the industry standards relevant to your business and can advise accordingly.

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